Shanxi Huaxin Electric Co., Ltd. is located in —— Yangquan. The registered capital of the company is 114 million yuan, and it currently has more than 1200 employees, including 106 high-tech research and development personnel, 186 senior technicians, and 520 staffs with a college degree or above.

At present, Shanxi Huaxin Electric Co., Ltd. has six industrial manufacturing bases, covering an area of about 650 mu, named Changling Huaxin Industrial Park, Taiyuan Industrial Park, Yangquan Four Mine Industrial Park, Pingding Suohuang Industrial Park, Jindong Heshun Industrial Park and Jinnan Linfen Industrial Park.

Huaxin Electric is a high-tech enterprise and a provincial technology center in Shanxi Province, and has obtained over 30 product patents. The company has established a transformer R&D institute for high efficiency transformer upgrade and a variable frequency drive and permanent magnet motor R&D for key national energy saving project, design of high efficiency permanent magnet motor and variable frequency control for project.

Huaxin Electric has won the "Shanxi Provincial Technology Center", "High-tech Enterprise Identification Certificate", "China Quality Credit Enterprise", "AAA Credit Grade Certificate", "IS09001 Quality Management System certification", “CE certification”, “CSA certification”, "National Torch Plan Project", "China Technology Market Golden Bridge Award", "Excellent Enterprise in Shanxi Province","Following contract and Appreciating Credit Enterprise", "Shanxi Top 100 Enterprises", "Shanxi Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises", "Shanxi Top Science and Technology Enterprises" and other titles.

The company's products are divided into eight series: intelligent power supply and distribution system, intelligent frequency conversion control system, intelligent storage series, intelligent drive series, intelligent ventilation series, intelligent transportation series, intelligent mine series, remanufacturing series and other more than 70 kinds. At the same time, Huaxin Electric is one of the top three mining transformer manufacturers in China, the first company manufacturing explosion-proof permanent magnet direct drive system in China, one of the largest coal mining equipment manufacturing enterprises in Shanxi Province, and the largest power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing enterprise in Shanxi Province.

Huaxin’s sales and service network has spread all over the world. Its products are exported to North America, Russia, Southeast Asia, North Korea, Europe, Africa and other international markets. Huaxin also successfully entered the non-coal fields such as State Grid, South Grid, China Resources, Huaneng, Canal Sugar, AK Sugar and military industry.

Huaxin Electric is on mission of advocating only quality, casting intelligent Internet of Things and creating the digital future.